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Following a number of questions about the Forest Guard equipment left on the needs of people working in the formation and configured vest designed for this audience. "LESNIK" is based on the carrier panel, consisting of three modules, two front and rear. Carrier panel is made of heavy mesh. On the inside of the front units are two zipped zippers, pockets for flat items. The rear module is made of a strip holder and evacuation inner pocket for a water container (Camelbak). In addition, there is a wide sewn Velcro to attach the word "FOREST FIRE". At the bottom of the carrier panel, there are six loops of tape to allow the hook to it or modular tactical belt.

Adjust the dimensions of the vest provides four points of regulation. Two sides and two on his shoulders. The vest is fastened in front of the three buckles. "LEŚNIK" has the following set of pockets:
- CQB pouch for three magazines for small arms such as GLOCK, P-99, USP, or similar,
- Sleeve cuffs jaw
- Pocket dressing
- Pocket radio,
- Pocket thrower manual gas
- Flashlight holder
- Universal Cargo small (special version made at the request of officers of this formation)
All the above-mentioned pockets are fixed to the jacket by means of a system of interlaced strips. This enables a stable and secure fastening of the pocket in vest anywhere depending on the needs and preferences of the user.