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Vest MEDYK-1 consists of three main parts: the rear panel and two front panels, assembled at the front with strong zipper. The castle is covered with a flap, fastened with Velcro. The panels are made of strong wire, which ensures comfort even at high temperatures. Connecting to the front side of the rear panel, and control circuit is obtained by tape vest with regulators. The vest MEDYK-1 adjustable shoulder belts is based on the connected controller (two on each arm). This solution provides convenience and a wide range of adjustment.
Vests are standard equipment:
- Evacuation placed firm grip on the rear panel,
- Strip of Velcro tape to attach identifiers or reflectors (rear panel)
- Internal pockets for flat items (front panel).
The whole vest is covered with tape mounting system. This system enables reliable and convenient mounting pocket in a manner adapted to the individual requirements of each user.
The vest pocket, enter the following set:
- Universal Cargo Diagnostic (2 pieces) - pocket designed to carry basic diagnostic tools such as blood pressure, blood glucose meter, pulse oximeter and stethoscope. Pocket can also be used to carry dressings, ampularium and other items as you like you. Cargo is a strong lockable zipper with two sliders. The front wall is Carga Velcro tape, which aims at fixing identifiers or reflectors.
- The elements of the sets of pocket for injection. Venflony move in the pocket, syringes, needles, alcohol swabs with,stasis and low saline. Thanks to its construction pocket provides quick access to content.
- Telecommunications pocket, which can fit a cell phone (or even two), or pager. Of course, you can carry in your pocket or other equipment in accordance with the recognition and needs.
- Pocket-dressing kit is set: 2x gauze 1mx1m, Codofix (stocking dressing), two bandages and adhesive. Practice suggests that the move set placed in the bag, so that the set does not leak and do not get wet
- Pocket for disposable gloves. Thanks to its construction allows access to gloves without opening any tabs or lock.
- Rescue scissors pocket. The name speaks for itself.