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This tactical vest is designed for soldiers of the Polish special unit using the experience from the mission in Afghanistan and Iraq. KT-12 is a basic model universal vest, allowing the transfer of large amounts of ammunition and equipment.
Vest KT-12 has a classic system consisting of two front panels, the back panel and wide soft straps. On the front panel there are two pouches, holding up to three magazines for rifles or BERYL AK-47/74 type each (have internal scale to prevent movement of the magazines inside the pouch), two pockets Universal, also with a capacity of 3 magazines for AK / Beryl and two small pockets of industry (for example, dressings grenades or card).

In addition vest also has two more cargo pockets mounted on a modular system,
the ability to detach and replace the other, and two internal map pockets inside the panels,
and a flat pocket pistol (fits most types of popular handguns such as the Glock, P99, WIST, USP). At the bottom of KT-12 is a 6 unfastened loops allow hook-up to the vest pistol belt or modular. Vest carrying system is based on a soft, adjustable straps ensure comfortable operation. Braces are equipped with enhanced grip evacuation. This model vests is fastened at the front for three Fastex type buckle.

In the basic configuration, vest KT-12 allows you to move at least 12 magazines AK-47/74 or BERYL, 2 and 4 pistol magazines, hand grenades. The design is fully adjustable - one size will fit most people. KT-12 can be worn alone or freely and bulletproof vest with ballistic inserts rigid.