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KT-12 This assault vest was designed by Special Forces soliders, utilising their experiences from missions Afghanistan and Irag. KT-12 is a basic, universal load bearing vest large ammo carrying capacity.

The vest has a classic layout with two side panels, back panel and wide padded suspenders. On both side there are two magazine pouches with dividers, each holding 3 x AK47 or 74 type magazines, two large magazine/general purpuse pouches without dividers, two small general purpose pouches, plus two removable cargo pouches gor additional eqoipment. Inside each panel there is a zipped map packet and additional flat backup holster for sidearm or signal pistol. There are also six belt loops at the bottom  hem of the vest, allowing to attach a duty belt. Carrying system is based on  thickly padded suspenders for comfortable use- these are fitted with a reinforced drag handle for emergency evacuation.

KT-12 vest allows carrying at least 12 AK47/74 type magazines, 2 pistol magazines nad 4 hand grenades. Construction of the vest permist full regulation - therefore one size fits most people. |This vest be worm comfortably over any modern body armor with plate inserts.

You can choose product with Polish webbings system (widith of webbings 20mm) or American system MOLLE (widith of webbings 25mm).