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PRETORIAN JACKED is based on a proven formula, which is the British smock.
Zip jacket with front zipper with two sliders. Castle is covered with a flap fastened to the large buttons . In the lower part of the garment and are ribbed belt. The jacket has a large hood with cuffs allowing its size to fit your needs. Underarm jacket has zippered vents. These holes are equipped with a safety net inside jacket against unwanted visitors.
The biggest advantage of Pretoria are pockets in the following configuration:
- On each sleeve, two flat patch pockets that are closed zipper.
The upper sections of the pockets are sewn strips of Velcro sewn on it. The result is a surface used to mount all kinds of tags, name badges and name tags. In addition, make tape fastening system where you can put different pieces of equipment (such as chemical light) on the lower left sleeve pocket sewn a small pocket designed for accessories drawing.
- The front part of the garment, on the chest, provided two flat pockets on the inside. Access can open them from the outside zipper.
- For each of the above-described flat pocket exterior pocket is closed by a flap fastened on a single large button. In each of pockets you will find useful surprise.
- In the lower front of the jacket features two large flap pockets zip closed for a single large button. Here, too, in every pocket you will find useful surprise.
- And at the lower end of the outer pockets are large, flat pockets on the inside. Allow them access to the zippers on the side of the jacket. The pockets are extremely useful when having to heat the hand.
PRETORIAN is made of standard fabrics rip-stop called Frontier, and used by the Polish Army. However, by combining different fabrics PRETORIAN protect you from the wind.