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Zip UP (half dress) made from woven rip-stop leading Polish manufacturer, covered with camouflage print model 93 PANTERA (forest). Fabric properties of high strength, lightweight and breathable, dries quickly when wet. Sweatshirt is based on the experience of their own soldiers resulting from service abroad and established guidelines based on existing use patterns field uniforms. Blouse buttoned at the front flap covered zipper zipped Veltro tape. Instead, used in Polish uniforms used stand-up collar field that has the ability to wear tight around his neck. This solution allows you to protect your neck from the impact of bad weather. Placed on the back darts shirts that allow for full and free movement of the arms. Sweatshirt has five pockets. Two exterior bellows pockets on the chest, closed with tape fastened flap Veltro. One flat chest pocket closed by zipper. Two bellows pockets, shoulder strap fastened flap closed Veltro. All pockets have flaps closed structures, which seals the pocket after the closure of additional pockets are placed at an angle. This solution facilitates access to the inside of your pocket without the hassle of the evolution of the wrist.

Above the chest pockets are sewn sections of the belt mounting Veltro badges with the name and blood type. On the shoulder pockets are placed Veltro tape episodes where you can add additional signs and emblems.