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Vest on Long Patrol (KDP) its structures based on the proven carrier system made of high-strength mesh. With this vest is lightweight and provides excellent ventilation. Vest has a wide range of adjustment dimension with three control points. Two of them are located in the shoulder part and are based on a strip of Velcro and regulators. However, the circuit size is adjustable in the rear and is based on four controllers with tape.

Additional space control can be three staples that span the front of the vest. These tapes have the ability to adjust its length. Patrol Vest K.D.P. has the following set of pockets and pouches:
- Two pouches of two magazines for rifle, they are on the left of the front surface of the vest, allowing them found in magazines are always at hand. Pouches have internal compartments and zipped closed with caps and Velcro buckle. On the external side walls are sewn two rows of loops made of elastic band. They can place small items such as chemical light.
- Two pouches for magazines for the gun. They are located on the outer side walls of the magazine pouches on the rifle. They can carry interchangeable magazines or other items such as tactical flashlight, knife multiple edge.
- Cargo pockets, a total of four pieces. Pouches for one and three are placed on the right front surface of the vest. Closed pockets are zippered cap clamps. In addition, pockets have chimneys to increase load capacity. On the outer walls of the side pockets are sewn strap mounting system. - Two pockets universal. They are placed one on each of the front surface of the vest pocket pouches and cargo, depending on the vest. These pockets are fastened with zipper covered with flap. The pockets are buttoned to the vest.
- Flat inside pocket, located on the back surface of the vest. The purpose is to move in the pocket inside a flexible container for liquids.
- Two flat pockets on the front surface of the jacket from the inside.
Vest to their construction allows a convenient way to transfer large amounts of equipment necessary participant in a long patrol. However, its use in the upper front part of the tape mounting system allows the configuration of the pocket according to the user preferences and the task being performed.