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Special vest KS-12 is the evolution of body KT-12 and KP-12 used during the mission in Iraq. Her designs can be described as a "hybrid" because it is partially modular LBE in which only basic pockets for magazines and grenades were sewn permanently enlarged and the surface allowing for mounting modular pocket selected by the user's needs.

Modifications compared with KT-12 and KP-12 are primarily for the support and the rear panel. Replaced straps extended modular rear panel. The resulting extra space for a stable anchoring of accessories (Camelbak, pouches, cargo pockets, radio, etc.). In May 2005, at the request of members additionally reinforced handle evacuation and transferred control system on the rear panel, making it easier to submit to the shot. The changes well show our openness to suggestions from users of our equipment, improving its usability.

In the basic configuration, vest KS-12 can carry 12 magazines AK-47/74 or BERYL, 4 grenades and 2 magazines for handguns. It also has the standard flat internal pockets for maps and a gun, and the possibility of hooking the belt.