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This type of LBE combines the advantages of body panels and thoracic (chest rig). KT-8 is a lightweight hybrid ammunition consisting of two panels and harness the support system.

Allows you to carry 8 magazines to AK-47/74 or BERYL in four double pouches, also two pistol magazines, and additional equipment in the cargo compartment with a capacity of 1.7 liters. This pocket is sewn tape for mounting additional pouches or equipment. On the left panel at the cargo pocket is a system of straps that allow mounting any pocket (eg, radio, extra ammo, etc..). Modular belt system is also on the carrier straps. In contrast to conventional panels breast KT-8 is open at the front, which facilitates the insertion and removal of the LBE and may be useful for example during a crawl Clasp type buckles two adjustable Fastex, at the rear of the tape are regulators so that ammunition can be adapted to the size of the user. Both panels are fastened with zippers inside pockets for flat items such as a map.