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Made to our standard light tactical vest. Its design was based on a strong nylon mesh, making ammunition that is easy to use, airy and has a small mass. The vest is fully adjustable system on the sides and cuffs with Velcro on the shoulders, front zip is a big sturdy slider.

Vest has four double pockets for magazines or BERYL AK-47/74, two side pockets for magazines for handguns or tools. In addition, the right breast is a pouch for two magazines for small arms, and on the other side of the pocket with a capacity such as universal or pomegranate dressing. On the sides of the vest are pocket radio and versatile cargo small strips sewn addition of a modular system. In addition, the vest has hook-loop allowing it or modular tactical belt. On the back of the vest is a reinforced grip evacuation, and tape a modular system that allows the attachment of additional pockets, for example, cover the Camelbak.