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BAG FOR GAS MASK MP-5 BETA Construction of the bag is based on the assumption that there is no provision for the immediate use of masks to wear it in a bag with desiccant unscrewed. This reduces the size considerably transmitted mask, and thus and the same bag. This greatly reduces the inconvenience to the user that is wearing a large bag. Especially in vehicles and buildings. If you tighten the intended use of the mask absorber. Absorber extends outside of the bag with a special lock. This way of handling the mask makes it easy to extract it out of the bag by grasping the protruding outside the canister. Bag is closed with a zipped side flap for four strong clips and Velcro. This solution closure flap allows quick and safe opening of the bag. However, the lateral placement of the flap, when opened provides unlimited access to the inside of the bag.
   The transport system allows you to carry the bag on the strip, isolated on the thigh (femoral thanks tapes) and jackets (thanks to the hole bands). On the sidewall of the bag to the tape mounting system. You can attach them to the IPP pockets, IPR or any other pouches and pockets with the same system.

The bag has the following dimensions:
- Height: 26 cm
- Width: 15 cm
- Thickness: 11 cm