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BAG “MILTOPOD” MILTOPOD carrying bag is designed for transporting luggage basic soldier in the increasingly frequent foreign trips. The bag has three compartments of varying luggage sizes. The large capacity of 57 liters located in the central part of the bag. Average capacity of 17 liters located on one edge of the bag, small 10 liter located on the opposite to the middle edge of the bag. Such that the optimal design for storage and distribution of fast and convenient access to each element of luggage during the trip. All the luggage compartment lockable zippers are strong. For the transport of the bag handles are strong on the central part of the bag. Handles are made of a wide belt and are fastened together to form a comfortable shoulder to the hand. Handle length is such that they can be used to carry the bag on his shoulder. At the extreme baggage compartments are sewn additional handles allow easy transport bag for two people. Handles are particularly useful in the and unloading bags from the carrier.

The bag has the following dimensions:
- Height: 28 cm
- Width: 83 cm
- Thickness: 37 cm