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THE SPEED BAG FOR GAS MASK MP-5 SPEED BAG on the mask of MP-5. Bag is designed for carrying a gas mask MP-5, or MP-4. Bag your design refers to the solution bag on the hood of MP-4, but has been upgraded to improve the mode of transport. The carrying bag is based on a tape-hole, which allows the establishment of her belts, vests modular femoral panels, etc.. Bag also has its own belt with buckles, which allows independent moving her thigh. Access to the interior of the bag is easy and fast. It depends on vigorous pulling the stiffened edge flaps. A flap is fastened at four power tabs which at said, energetic pull side effects the opening of the bag and extensive access to the interior, and thus the contents of the bag.

The bag has the following dimensions:
- Height: 29 cm
- Width: 16 cm
- Thickness: 12 cm