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Medical Backpack "Lublin" was created in collaboration with medical rescuer that the Polish market is not able to find the product fully corresponding to its requirements. The great advantage of the medical bag "Lublin" is that the second you get out of it patrol backpack with a capacity of more than 30 liters.
  Backpack has a classic one-chamber design. Access to the chamber provides strong zipper with two sliders. Castle opens the chamber allowing the full distribution of the open bag and perfect access to the content. Contents of the chamber are four internal pockets Medical (JMC).
  Each pocket W.K.M. is attached to the inner walls of the bag with velcro tape and thus has the ability to separate from the pack. The upper wall pocket W.K.M. is made of transparent, flexible plastic, which provides control of the contents of the pocket. Pocket W.K.M. lock is closed with two zippers, which allows quick and easy access to the contents of his pocket. To facilitate the detachment of the pocket from the wall and the subsequent transport bag, every pocket is equipped with an ear from the tape carrier. After isolation pocket W.K.M. appear in the inner walls of velcro tape sewn bag . The side walls of the inner bag provided twelve loops made of elastic bands, which are used to mount additional medical equipment.
  On the outer walls of the bag (front and side) was placed tape mounting system that allows any configuration of pockets and other accessories. Pack rear wall is made in such a way that it forms a pocket over the entire surface intended for flat objects.
  Backpack carrying system is based on a broad, comfortable, contoured carrying straps. Straps are fastened with adjustable buckle strap length. Brackets can be found in the lower part of the harness, making them easily accessible. Bib carrying backpack are also two D-rings for attachment points as additional equipment. To complete the inner surface of the spacer mesh harness was used, which is a product designed to withstand the harsh conditions of exploitation and has antibacterial and antifungal properties.
  Because the backpack "Lublin" on the outer walls of a belt assembly system can be configured freely available in our offer pockets and other items of equipment.

Backpack has the following dimensions:
- Width: 33cm
- Height: 47cm
- Thickness: 21cm