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Backpack Transport Module P.M.T. is an alternative between backpacks and back surface mounting tactical vests. In the first case, in the course of action in a confined space can hinder backpacks by their size. However, their advantage is the possibility of quick photos of the squares and high load capacity. In the second case, the equipment located on the rear surface of the vest is possible mainly by the aid of another person. However, if you need to use equipment located on the operator's back, and he will, then owned by him or equipment. The resulting problem is solved by the use of PMT It combines the advantage of a backpack that is the possibility of quick photos of the back of the panels back vests advantage, namely the possibility of fixing these pieces of equipment that will be necessary in action.
Backpack transport module has a simple structure. Resigned from the chamber, leaving only transport one smooth wall, on which are sewn strap mounting system. The carrier is based on the classical solution of the two bearing straps, zipped a Fastex buckle. The top module is placed technological hole that allows access to the inside, to exchange stiffeners, etc. You can also move objects or flat or flexible water tank. The hole is closed with a strong YKK zipper company.
P.M.T. has the following dimensions:
- Height: 43cm
- Width: 27.5 cm
- Thickness: 2cm