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RACCOON Backpack 45 is the latest generation of survival backpack 45l capacity. Provides high comfort carrying system PLUS MILITARY FAS. Unique, standing at the highest level durability, reliability and versatility in even the most extreme conditions applied to provide innovative design solutions and high quality workmanship. And consist of the following elements:

     The FAS PLUS MILITARY carrier provides complete and continuous control.
     Locked at all seams.
     The MOLLE compatible straps.
     Strengthened and enlarged waist belt.
     Quick-detach the backpack.
     Chimney, lift and removable lid.
     The system allows the use of CAMELBAK.
     The standard rain cape.
     Black painted aluminum slats frame.
     Opportunity to share the main compartment into two separate chambers.

However, the materials such as Cordura, YKK zippers, buckles KK., ITW Nexus, DURAFLEX, PONSA straps provide exceptional durability and reliability.
All the above elements make the perfect tool bag RACCOON45 transport projects such as survival, military, ASG, scouting.


Backpack has the following approximate dimensions:
- Width: 32cm
- Height: 50cm
- Thickness: approx 25cm
- Backpack weight: 2500 g