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Medical Backpack "KNAPIK" is a project developed by paramedics from Lublin. The project was created as a tribute to fallen colleagues on a mission in Afghanistan paramedic Marcin Knap.
Backpack "KNAPIK" is designed to service as simple as possible. All equipment can be seen immediately after the opening of each pocket. "KNAPIK" is a single chamber backpack, the carrying system is based on the profiled braces, which on the inside is lined with knitted spacer. The aim is to increase the fabric air flow between the harness and the user's arms, which aims to improve the user experience. In the bottom of the straps have buckle for quick detach harness and adjustable length. Braces are also equipped with a chest strap that is adjustable length and height of mounting the same bib.
Stabilize the backpack and waist belt, which enables quick disassembly.
Belt and braces on the outside of the tape have to attach additional pieces of equipment.
Main compartment on the outside of which adheres to the back of the wearer is identical to the fabric which is arranged on the shoulder straps and waist belt.
Inside the bag has five pockets with a transparent wall that allows you to quickly find needed equipment. These pockets are closed with zipper, and attached to the cell pack is based on the strong velcro.
Internal pockets can be used to carry equipment ABC:
A/B- to maintain a patent airway and ventilation,
C - control of bleeding, and bleeding, the tube / laryngeal mask, tubing and nasal pharyngeal oro, dressings, stasis tactical fibrinolytic dressings, etc.
In addition, inside the loops are made of a flexible strip for mounting of small components of medical equipment.
The chamber is closed by a zipper with two sliders.
On the front, the outer wall of the backpack has two pockets "lungs" zippers. Inside the pocket is a specially selected set of pockets and adjustable belt loops. The purpose of this configured "lung" is the so-called moving equipment. "First response", ie the underlying hardware to interrupt the process of dying: stasis tactical dressings, nasogastric tube / throat, pain relievers and fluids if necessary. The entire set of one pocket "lungs" in concept is designed to carry medication to help one victim in each phase support on the battlefield.
Standard backpack "KNAPIK" is equipped with additional, removable external pocket, a flat pocket with zipper-situated in the bottom of the backpack straps to attach the stretcher "LENOPOL 'carrying handle and fastening system of additional items of equipment, which is sewn on all surfaces free backpack.
In addition, in connection with a backpack "KNAPIK" inner panels can be used "RODMAN" as evidenced by the attached photo. To emphasize, however, that they are not an integral part of the offer. It can be purchased separately.

Backpack has the following dimensions:
- Width: 31cm
- Height: 46cm
- Thickness without pockets: 12cm
- Thickness of pockets: 20cm