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Assault Backpack KOCK refers to its design, which is a proven model type ASSAULT PACK backpacks. KOCK backpack has one main compartment of the backpack medical borrowed MTPM Main compartment is closed around its circumference company YKK zipper with two sliders, all with links to facilitate their capture. The solution provides full opening of the backpack, and above all its free access to the interior. Inside the chamber there are two flat pockets for various objects. The outer surfaces of the main chamber are the following:
- Transport handle (the upper surface of the backpack)
- Small zippered cargo pockets (upper part of the front pack)
- Zippered cargo pockets (the lower part of the front of the backpack) in your pocket this is a flat organizational pocket.
- Zip compression strap buckles (pack sides, bottom and top)
- Stabilizing strap buckle fastened (front pack, the entire length)
- D-ring for attaching and additional pieces of equipment (front and sides of the bag on the bottom and top)
- Buckle fastening straps for securing mats, rain jacket, etc. (pack down)
- Tape fastening system additional equipment (backpack sidewalls, front cargo pockets surfaces, the front surface of the backpack, a small cargo pocket)
Rear wall KOCK assault pack is made in such a way that it forms a pocket which can be moved in a flat water tank (camelback). The outer surface, adjacent to the back of the user, is made of a mesh spacer. Resolved that increases comfort. The lower part of the back of the backpack has two clamps, which by means of webbing may be used to perform a simple lap belt.
The KOCK assault backpack carrier is based on two contoured straps. Braces on the inside is lined with a grid spacing, which improves ventilation's arms.

Backpack has the following dimensions:
- Height: 39 cm
- Width: 22 cm
- Thickness: 13 cm