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was commissioned based on the experience of the soldiers of special forces Army. Backpack is a single chamber, strong lockable zipper with two sliders, allowing you to quickly get into the backpack. When opened, the inner walls of the backpack strap Velcro appear at the edges of the patch. With these tapes can mount a variety of pockets and panels that are on offer. This solution allows you to configure any bag depending on your task. And so, with the usual small backpack patrol can get specialized medical backpack, backpack pyrotechnics, etc. Another advantage is its size backpack, chosen so that it is particularly useful when performing tasks in urban areas and indoors.
  On the outside of the flap sewn strap mounting system, which is installing the additional equipment. At the bottom of the backpack has two straps for attaching such as stretchers "LENOPOL" or similar piece of equipment. Straps are fastened with buckles with adjustable length strap. The entire outside of the back of the pack "Wyry" is a pocket sewn flat objects. This pouch is made of a mesh construction, which increases the air flow in the course of an operation of the backpack.
   Thanks to the compact backpack "Wyry" very easy operator to perform tasks in confined spaces. Particular need for such backpacks appeared indoor activities specific to Afghanistan.

WARNING! Photos backpack "Wyry" no. 4 and 5, and 9, 10 and 11 show a sample configuration. Visible on additional pieces of equipment are not subject to this offer.

Backpack has the following dimensions:
- Height: 45cm
- Width: 30cm
- Thickness: 12