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Wizna patrol backpack is a single chamber . Zip flap closes on a strong zipper. At the top of the backpack is sturdy and comfortable grip sector. The outer surface of the side walls, front wall and the floor is padded straps mounting system, so you can freely configure the equipment on the outer surface of the backpack. Convenient and reliable transmission backpack provides moldings, wide and comfortable shoulder straps with spacer mesh sewn on the side adjacent to the shoulder. Rear side of the backpack is also padded mesh spacing. This solution provides ventilation back and shoulders when carrying the backpack, thus increasing comfort. Grid spacing used is a product designed to withstand the harsh conditions of exploitation and has antibacterial, antifungal and. Straps are fastened with Fastex buckles with adjustable length strap. Brackets can be found in the lower part of the harness, making them easily accessible. Bib carrying backpack are also two D-rings for accessories.

In addition, in the lower part of the side walls of the backpack are sewn two clamps. This solution allows the user to temporarily perform the lap belt by pulling the belt buckle said. By default, the sliders have placed links, so that it is easier to open the lock on the glove.

Backpack has the following dimensions:
- Height: 47 cm
- Width: 35 cm
- Thickness: 15 cm
capacity. about 25 l